It's time for U!

The project is developed in four components.  A five floor underground parking, a commercial floor and two residential blocks varying to different markets and conception. The units are rented with appliances including individual washers and dryers.

The U strikes its residents with an impressive façade and a generous entrance leading onto a two story lobby and overlooking the first inner courtyard.

The cubes’ conception can be expressed as radical chic, a harmonious living environment where the basic construction materials and essential leaseholds form a raw space in which elegant finishing products are introduced. The design of the cubes is based on concrete floors and ceilings and is matched with white walls and recessed baseboards. The design is a stage set for the resident’s finishing.

The European kitchens and closets are developed as blocks and form part of the inner cube.  They are handless and finished in white.  They are designed to be functional and not to impose onto the space whose windows look onto a spectacular site.  Spot lights are introduced for accent lighting in the halls and to direct the resident to the view in his living space.  The walls are conceived to receive art.  The concrete floors are conceived to receive area rugs that will not compete with usual floor finishing but stand out as an expression of the occupant’s space.

The bathrooms are designed with an oversized freestanding white polymineral square tub which acts as shower and bath (1,20 m x 1,20 m). The bath is placed onto the concrete floor matched with faucets in satin steel, a grey rubber hose for the handheld shower and a central overhead shower. An oversized white vanity is introduced to allow for comfort in the bathroom and to accommodate the washer and dryer located to coincide with the removal of soiled clothes. Spotlights are introduced in the bathroom areas as lighting. The oversized bath acts as a space for the resident to relax.



Floors 2 through 6 offer smaller cubes ranging from 456 to 855 square feet with open spaces and 1 two bedroom cube on each floor.  These units vary in starting  price between 1075$ and 1700$ per month. These cubes are more catered to the “pied a terre” and can be rented furnished or semi-furnished.  The furnished units cater to shorter stay residents or individuals that are in the process of lifestyle changes.  These units are accessible through two elevators that open onto generous halls that lead to every cube.

Floors 7 through 14 offer larger spaces ranging from 456 to 1376 square feet and are designed with one or two closed bedrooms. The closed bedrooms face an open air inner courtyard and the façade of the adjacent Unity Building. There are two double story units on every second floor. These duplex units overlook the U’s interior courtyard and the adjacent Unity Building. These units are conceived with “living” on the first floor and “night” on the second floor. Eight of the 10 units on each floor overlook Saint Patrick’s basilica and its gardens and have mature trees close to the curtain wall façade. These units are accessible through two elevators that open onto a glass cubicle which, once exited, leads onto an exterior walkway which serve each cube and can act as outdoor terrace space.

The project was designed using a curtain wall façade. This methodology is a building technique allowing for durability and living comfort and mostly used in commercial office tower applications. This method of construction was essential to deal with the moving façade and to ensure that each cube had the maximum exposure to sunlight and views onto the Basilica and park.



The cubes’ conception can be expressed as radical chic.